Advanced Ideas & Mechanics was created to be an outlet for story ideas. Everything is a story. All “creations” start with a small story and grows and matures. We are storytellers, either through books, websites, games, clothing or mechanical/Scientific products. AIM advances ideas.

Matthew Pallotta

Creater, System Designer, Cyber Security, Producer, Editor, Owner

Matthew Pallotta has been in the system integration field for over 23 years working as a defense contractor. Starting out in the world of customer support when Banyan Vines was king and Microsoft was starting to make in roads into Corporate America and DoD.

In the early 1990's Matthew worked migrate from Banyan Vines to Windows network using windows 3.11 for workgroups. Here is learned what his passion was, System Integration. Matthew spent the following two decades doing just that. Doing his part to help mondernize the US Army, while integrating disparit systems.

One of Matthew's major efforts was designing and deploying DoD Social Business Platform. For the entire DoD community to use. It is built to handle the 4.5 million community of soldiers, government civilians and contractors, that make a differience to the world everyday.

In 2005 Matthew founded a series of entertainment products for PKMM Incorporated. The products are now under PKMM Entertainment where they are being moved into production.

At the end of 2010 Matthew started his own company to work on his personal projects. He started DamnLucky, LLC to show it is ok to be successfull in a world that no longers accepts it is ok to be successfull. In 2012 Ian Dorian came on board as Creative Director, and in 2013 we changed the name to Advanced Ideas & Mechanics.

Ian Dorian

Creater, Creative Director, Editor, Designer, Artistic Talent Coordinater

Ian Dorian received his Bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Kean University majoring in sculpture. He went on to receive his Masters in fine arts in multi-media art from the Maryland Institute College of Art. To supplement his education he studied painting, marble carving, and the Italian language in Italy.

He has been actively exhibiting his artwork for more than a decade. From the age of nineteen Ian has apprenticed for artists employed by Marvel, DC, and, Continuity comics where he had the opportunity to learn the art of comic illustration under the tutelage of such artists as Neal Adams, Mark Texeira, Rags Morales, Lou Small Jr to name a few.

Ian has worked as a sculptor, painter, Comic book illustrator, architectural renderer, toy designer/sculptor, graphic designer, Jewelry Designer, and storyboard artist. Ian has been teaching for more than thirteen years at various schools such as Kean University (Union, NJ), the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic arts (Dover, NJ), The University of the Arts (Philadelphia, PA), The Maryland Institute College of Art (Baltimore, MD), and others.

Ian teamed up with Jim Krueger and Matthew Pallotta to create, write, and illustrate a graphic Novel for PKMM Entertainment called Law of Resistance while also creating 5 new IP's for production in his first year. He then went on to illustrate the return of Phoenix for ATLAS comics issue #0 as wellas severalother comicbook titles.

His most recent work includes character development, style guide illustration, consumer products illustration, cover illustration, and writing. Some of his clients include Marvel Productions, Target, Fox, The Toon Studios Beverly Hills, Rittenhouse. Ian continues to take on work for for varied internationally known corporations as a concept artist/creator/ sculptor.